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Welcome to the online home of Geneses Warren Enterprise


Pastor Geneses Warren is a native of Memphis, TN currently residing in Atlanta, GA. She is a Global prophetic voice, CEO of Future Forward Coaching and Consulting, A’Lee Fashion Boutique and Senior Pastor/Founder of the Dominion Atlanta Church.


Born and raised in Memphis, TN to Linda and Archie Warren on December 8th--Pastor Warren was born into a working middle class family and third generation Church of God In Christ, Inc. 


Her parents always knew that she was special and not the average child. Her mom always says that what she does know, she would practice preaching, being a wife, and modeling fashions as a little child. 


Pastor Warren is a business woman par excellent--a serial entrepreneur and devout learner, who attended Victory University until their demise. Her success and accomplishments reaches beyond her major in education. 


February 2020, Pastor Warren launched the Dominion Atlanta Church, which is a cutting edge, Jesus movement to generations. Dominion’s mission is to “Build People. Engage Culture. Empower Cities.” Dominion is known as one of the most progressive church plants in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. 


Furthermore, throughout her career, Pastor Warren has been afforded the opportunity to work with countless celebrities, CEO’s, and world leaders through her coaching abilities and prophetic gift. She often says, “She is called to be a repairer of the breech between the ‘secular’ and the ‘sacred.’ With a progressive ministry and businesses, Pastor Warren’s focus is to lead a people into God consciousness, to dominate their spheres of the world. 

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